Tuesday, August 9th, 2011 Posted by Jim Thacker

Siggraph 2011: cineSync goes browser-based

Offline CineSync integration with the Shotgun asset-management system. The developer is working on a new browser-based version of the popular shot review tool, due to be integrated with Shotgun in a similar way.

CineSync is showing a new browser-based version of its industry-standard shot review tool at Siggraph 2011.

The system, which is still a prototype, aims to provide the same functionality as the standard version of CineSync, but without the need to install software, enabling users to review shots from any computer, anywhere in the world.

The new CineSync Online website can be found here, but without a login, there’s not much to see yet.

Today we’re pleased to be announcing that we’re bringing our Academy Award winning cineSync software to the browser, with a prototype to be unveiled at Siggraph Vancouver in August 2011. It’s called cineSync Online and it promises to deliver the real time synchronised video review functionality of cineSync without the need to install software or manually transfer media. cineSync Online looks set to create strong interest in all industries that depend on the ability to collaborate on visual media projects, including film, television, advertising and education.

For the past five years, cineSync has made it possible to review and discuss videos and stills in real time between multiple locations, with play controls, drawing tools and notes perfectly synchronised between all participants. Unlike screen sharing solutions that don’t cope with the demands of video playback, cineSync delivers frame accurate performance even with high resolution media.

cineSync Online was created to provide the same experience, but in an exciting new way: operating entirely within a browser. No software installation is required and participants need only click a link to join the session immediately, with the media transferred to the browser automatically. The inherent ease-of-use makes cineSync Online accessible to an even greater range of users than ever before, and makes it simpler to integrate with other workflow solutions.

We’re excited to be presenting this next step in the evolution of cineSync. Our customers are always looking for new ways to successfully interact with their clients, co-workers and collaborators, and cineSync Online represents a very user-friendly way of achieving that. It’s simple, elegant and powerful, delivering real time, frame accurate performance and solid integration potential. We expect it to strike a chord with a much broader range of users than ever before.

RSR will be showing the prototype of cineSync Online at Siggraph 2011 and also demonstrating cineSync Online’s first integration project with Shotgun, the industry leader in film project management software.

Visit the CineSync website