Tuesday, August 9th, 2011 Posted by Jim Thacker

Siggraph 2011: Shotgun Software unveils Shotgun 3.0

Shotgun Software is working to integrate its asset-management system with the new cineSync Online web-based shot-review system. The software is already integrated with the offline version of cineSync (above).

Shotgun Software has announced a new version of its Shotgun production-management system at Siggraph 2011.

The new features list suggests this release is essentially a UI overhaul, although the developer is also working separately on tighter integration with render-management system Rush and with cineSync Online, the new web-based version of the popular shot-review tool.


Shotgun Software unveils Version 3.0 of the Shotgun production management and collaboration system, with new features that make it faster and easier for visual effects, animation and video game studios to manage productions and collaborate. The company also announced two new integration projects; with the Rush render manager and cineSync’s new browser-based review tool cineSync Online. Shotgun is showcasing these new capabilities, along with existing integrations with RV, Deadline and Qube! at its exhibit booth, #963.

Shotgun v3.0 features completely re-written, polished navigation that simplifies the way data is organized and explored. A new visual filter tool panel makes it much faster for users to understand the big picture and find the answers they need, and new advanced layout tools provide studios with more control over how their information is displayed.

The company is also demonstrating two new integration projects, with Rush – which will update Shotgun automatically for each render, storing thumbnails and critical information that can be organized into playlists for review, and with cineSync Online – which makes it easy to instantly start a synchronized review session.

Shotgun V3.0 will be available in September. Rush and cineSync Online integrations are in private beta testing and planned for release early this fall.

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