Saturday, July 4th, 2015 Posted by Jim Thacker

Cospective releases cineSync 3.6

Cospective has released cineSync 3.6, the latest version of its remote shot review and approval tool, including new integration with Shotgun, Shotgun Software’s production-tracking and asset-management system.

The integration, which was released as a private beta earlier this year, comes bundled with cineSync Pro only, and replaces the old separate integration package.

Access the functionality of Shotgun directly within cineSync
The integration builds a Shotgun Review portal into cineSync through which users can browse their Shotgun instance to identify clips or alternate versions, or add playlists. Files stored in Shotgun download automatically.

Users can also view notes on previous versions of a clip stored in Shotgun, and can publish any new notes or drawings to Shotgun when a review session ends, or merge cineSync data with notes taken directly in Shotgun.

Pricing and availability
cineSync 3.6 is available for now for Windows and Mac OS X. The Pro edition is also available for Linux. Pricing starts from $99/month for two users for cineSync, and $319/month for two users for cineSync Pro.

Read more about cineSync 3.6 on Cospective’s website