Tuesday, July 19th, 2011 Posted by Jim Thacker

Open-source video editor seeks $25k in funding

Import workflow developed by the Novacut team. Read more about the video editor itself on its Kickstarter page.

Create Digital Motion has an interesting article on Novacut, a ‘collaborative, cloud-enabled, open-source’ video editing package currently looking for £25,000 in Kickstarter funding.

Besides cramming every technology buzzword going into the marketing pitch, Novacut aims not only to match the functionality of low-end professional editing tools, but to surpass them.

A tall order? You bet. But it would be lovely if it came off. You can pledge your support on the Kickstarter link below: a $300 donation buys you entry in the beta trial.

Read Create Digital Motion’s article on Novacut

Visit Novacut’s Kickstarter page