Tuesday, September 11th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

GarageGames to open source Torque 3D

The Torque 3D 1.2 demo. GarageGames is to make the indie-friendly game engine available open source.

GarageGames is to make its Torque 3D game engine available open source.

Originally released 11 years ago, Torque 3D was one of the first engines accessible to indie developers, thanks to its $100 price tag. (It’s now $179). It continues to be used on titles like Tower Wars.

The engine was subsequently overshadowed somewhat by the release of Unity, while GarageGames itself went through a series of ownership changes.

In his latest blog post, CEO Eric Preisz says that the company is now focused on building its service division, and developing a new programming-free development environment.

Soon available on GitHub
The Torque 3D 1.2 source code will be made available on GitHub. GarageGames has “split off some modules as separate downloads and removed some art to bring down the payload size”, but there are no other changes.

Preisz says that the company will continue to use Torque 3D internally and contribute to its development. In a separate post, GarageGames’ Dave Wyand says he hopes to see Mac OS X and Linux versions in future.

It isn’t yet clear how long it will take to release the source code: at the minute, Torque 3D is still available for purchase on the GarageGames site, but anyone who bought it after 1 September gets a refund.

The announcement only mentions Torque 3D: as far as we can see, the Torque 2D and iTorque 2D engines will remain commercial products.

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