Monday, May 2nd, 2011 Posted by Jim Thacker

Beta test Filter Forge 3.0 and get the software free

Filter Forge 3.0’s new progressive previews in action.

The developers at Filter Forge have called for volunteers to beta test version 3.0 of its node-based Photoshop plug-in for texture creation and image manipulation.

Anyone reporting three bugs will receive a copy of the Basic edition of the software, worth $149. Spotting four bugs gets you the Standard edition, worth $249, while five or more nets you the $399 Professional edition.

New features in version 3.0 include support for more than one Photoshop source image, progressive previews and an updated Color Picker and Color Inspector.

The software already generates resolution resolution-independent bump, specular, diffuse and normal maps automatically, with support for HDRI, 32-bit workflow and floating-point file formats like OpenEXR.

Read the full features list and download the beta version of the software