Tuesday, April 26th, 2011 Posted by Jim Thacker

Free update adds 64-bit support to Terragen

A Houdini animation rendered in Terragen using version 2.3’s geometry sequence support.

Planetside Software has released a free update to Terragen, adding full 64-bit support to the landscape generation and rendering package.

By removing the memory limit imposed by 32-bit operating systems, the move effectively removes the limit on the size or complexity of scenes that can be created in the software on a workstation running a 64-bit OS.

Terragen 2.3 also adds a new colour picker, including Variations and Randomize features; a new Node Palette; and the option to import geometry-based animations created in other software for rendering inside Terragen.

The update also fixes issues with holes appearing in geometry exported from Terragen.

Read the full Terragen 2.3 feature list