Tuesday, February 15th, 2011 Posted by Jim Thacker

Vote for the new features in future versions of 3ds Max

Autodesk has introduced a centralised wishlist and voting system for new features in 3ds Max.

The initiative, announced on Ken Pimentel’s blog, divides feature suggestions among four online forums: Default Settings, General Feature Requests, SDK/Scripting Enhancements and ‘Small Annoying Things’.

Each user gets 20 votes per forum, of which no more than three can be used on any individual feature.

Pimentel cautions that Autodesk is under no obligation to implement any feature suggested, and that users should not expect an instant turnaround, commenting: “Don’t expect to post an idea and a month later for us to respond in some fashion to it. The most likely scenario is that you’ll post an idea and if a lot of other people vote on it, we’ll eventually flag it as “under review” – but that could be 9 months later or longer.”

So far, this experiment in e-deomcracy has elicited over 400 suggestions in a single day. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Small Annoying Things forum leads the way, with 167 individual requests at time of posting.

Read full details on Ken Pimentel’s blog