Tuesday, February 15th, 2011 Posted by Jim Thacker

Video: Autodesk’s ‘future of 3ds Max’ XBR webinar

Ken Pimentel has posted footage of Autodesk’s recent future-of-3ds Max online webinars on his blog site.

The one-hour video sets out some of the company’s plans for Project Excalibur (XBR): its ongoing under-the-hood rewrite of the software.

Interestingly, Pimentel has also posted the user feedback on the seminar on the blog. Broadly, XBR fares well, with 61% of site visitors saying that it addresses most or all of their concerns for the software.

Of the individual topics covered, XBR Graphics comes out best, with a 64% ‘most or all’ approval rating. The UI, historically an area of contention, fares worst at 49%, with Simulation somewhere between the two.

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