Friday, July 5th, 2024 Posted by Jim Thacker

Online 3D printing firm Shapeways files for bankruptcy

3D printing firm Shapeways has filed for bankruptcy, and the company’s executive team has resigned.

Artists using Shapeways’ popular 3D printing marketplace are being advised to download any 3D files they are storing on the company’s servers.

The rise and fall of a popular online 3D printing service
Founded in 2007, as online 3D print-on-demand services were beginning to take off, Shapeways became popular with 3D artists as a way to create physical versions of sculpts, and to sell prints of their work through its online marketplace.

The firm, originally based in the Netherlands, expanded steadily, opening a facility in the US, and going public on the New York Stock Exchange in 2021.

We haven’t historically covered the 3D printing market on CG Channel, but this story on the 3D Printing Industry website summarizes its recent fortunes, including worsening net losses and job cuts.

On Tuesday, the company and all of its subsidiaries ceased operations and filed voluntary petitions for bankruptcy relief, and the CEO, COO and CFO resigned.

Artists advised to download any files hosted on the platform
Posting on the Shapeways forum, a former Shapeways Community Manager advises artists using the site as a place to store 3D files to download them before it goes offline.

The thread also includes advice on how to bulk-download files, and suggestions for alternative online 3D printing services.

Read Shapeways’ bankruptcy filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission

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