Tuesday, September 11th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

Mikros Image open-sources Puli and ColorTribe

The Bear, Mikros Image’s VES Award-winning Canal+ commercial. The studio has just released two new open-source production tools: renderfarm manager Puli and colour-management system ColorTribe.

French VFX house Mikros Image has released two new open-source tools for professional production work: renderfarm manager Puli, and colour-management system ColorTribe.

The new tools join Mikros Image’s existing open-source projects: batch image processor TuttleOFX, and image sequence player Duke.

Compatible with Maya and Nuke
Puli is a complete Python-based render-management system designed to work with Maya and Nuke. It includes all the basic features and metadata reports you would expect in a system of this type, including the option to split renders between local and remote networks or the cloud.

The ColorTribe suite of tools comprises measurement application ColorHealer, which is designed to work with monitor-calibration hardware; colour correction loader ColorKeeper; and web app ColorChief, which enables users to receive status updates remotely.

A winning streak
Not content with open-source development, Mikros Image has also been closely involved in the development of commercial Maya crowd-simulation system Golaem Crowd, which has just reached version 2.0.

The studio is on something of a roll lately, having recently won a VES Award for its excellent recent commercial for Canal+, and has just announced a new division dedicated to animated feature production.

Read more about Puli and ColorTribe on the Open Mikros Image website
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