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Search for CG jobs and studios with VFX world maps


Originally posted on 1 September 2014, and last updated on 2 June 2024.

Need a quick way to find CG companies near you? These online studio maps may be what you’re looking for.

Searchable online directories of visual effects and animation studios, they bring back listings within a set distance of a search location, and display them on a map.

The original site featured in this story, VFX World Map, is no longer available in its original form, but we’ve updated the story periodically with details of similar maps.

Below, you can find both free and paid sites that are available as of June 2024.

The Post Production World Map (Added 2 June 2024)
The original VFX World Map has now evolved into the Post Production World Map, a paid resource.

Maintained by compositor and digital artist Jonas Almeida, the map shows over 3,100 VFX, animation and games studios and schools around the world. Access costs $25.

Almeida tells us that he is currently updating the entries for the companies listed to include URLs, contact emails, phone numbers and addresses.

VFX Serbia – VFX Studio Google Map (Added 5 September 2014, updated 2 June 2024)
Community website VFX Serbia has created its own world map.

It’s based on the Google Maps Engine, so if you type in the name of a studio that isn’t on the list, Google will show you where it is in relation to the existing listings.

As of June 2024, it lists over 800 studios.

3DVF – CG & VFX Studio Map (Added 13 March 2023)
French industry news site 3DVF now has its own studio world map.

It launched in 2020, and as of 2023, had over 1,300 entries, covering animation, game development, mixed reality, motion design, motion capture, post production and VFX.

You can find instructions for adding your own studio to the map in this story.

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Older maps that have been removed from the story: CG Studio Map (