Thursday, February 1st, 2024 Posted by Jim Thacker

Pikimov is a free motion design tool that runs in your browser

Artist and developer Clément Cordier has launched Pikimov, a free browser-based video editing and motion design tool.

Pikimov was created out of a desire for an alternative to After Effects that runs on a Linux machine, and is capable of simple layer-based compositing and greenscreen removal.

A new tool from a developer of AR and VJ software
Pikimov isn’t Cordier’s first web-based CG app: he is currently the CTO of XR+, which develops a tool of the same name for creating AR and VR experiences, and used to develop VJ software.

He says that, “as a creative developer working daily on a Linux machine, I often found myself in need of an After Effects alternative … so I ended up creating Pikimov.”

A free layer-based compositing tool with a UI and workflow similar to After Effects
There are a number of other free compositing and video-editing tools, but Pikimov is arguably the one with a UI and workflow closest to that of After Effects itself.

The feature set is stil bare-bones, but like After Effects, it uses a layer-based workflow for compositing, with support for masks, filters for image adjustments and blurs, and keyframing.

It also features chroma keying for greenscreen removal, and can import 3D models in glTF binary format (.glb), although it doesn’t currently support animated models.

Still relatively limited, but runs locally on your laptop or workstation
Pikimov still has significant limitations: compositions are currently limited to 100 seconds, source footage is capped at full HD (1,920 x 1,080px) resolution, and there is only a single audio track.

However, features planned for the future include a true 3D camera, a GLSL shader editor, and support for 3D scans created via 3D Gaussian splatting.

It’s also completely free to use, without the need to register on the website, and files are processed locally, without the need to upload data to a server.

Price and system requirements
Pikimov runs in Chrome on Windows, Linux or macOS, or Edge on Windows. It doesn’t support Firefox or Safari. It’s free to use, without the need to register or log in to the website.

Try free browser-based motion design tool Pikimov

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