Monday, November 20th, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

Animation breakdown | Bodies title sequence | Studio AKA

Check out Studio AKA‘s narrated breakdown of its enigmatic animated title sequence for time-hopping Netflix crime drama Bodies, created using Maya, Unreal Engine and After Effects.

Studio AKA says:

“Director Marcus Armitage has crafted an evocative title sequence for the Netflix limited series Bodies, an intriguing adaptation of Si Spencer’s mind-bending graphic novel, which presents a complex murder mystery through the lens of four detectives, set over a span of 150 years.

“Responding to Moonage Pictures’ brief, Armitage skilfully unearths a graphic language that immerses viewers in the temporal intricacies of Bodies.

“By deconstructing and reassembling key elements from the novel’s original logotype, he delivers a captivating series of visual riddles, subtly revealing themselves throughout the [titles].

“Guided by the show’s theme of investigations across multiple eras, The title sequence alludes to the mysterious core of the drama. Each letter of the Bodies title is gradually disclosed via an array of period-specific puzzles, from Victorian newspaper clippings to futuristic DNA sequences, drawing viewers deeper into the enigma.

“Armitage and the AKA team have ingeniously reimagined the original logo to appeal to the new audience, maintaining a sense of suspense throughout. The sleek, dynamic title is embedded with unique visual hints for each episode, but to fully decode these cryptic visual breadcrumbs, viewers are invited to tune in…”

Read more about the title design for Bodies on Studio AKA’s website

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