Saturday, December 10th, 2022 Posted by Jim Thacker

Boris FX releases Silhouette 2022.5

Originally posted on 11 June 2022. Scroll down for news of the Silhouette 2022.5 update.

Boris FX has released Silhouette 2022, a major update to the rotoscoping and paint software that integrates effects filter collection Sapphire, planar tracker Mocha Pro and particle generator Particle Illusion.

The update also extends Silhouette’s native tracking capabilities, adds a new InPaint node for marker and blemish removal, and introduces native support for Apple’s M1 processors and OpenColorIO 2.

Sapphire, Mocha Pro and Particle Illusion now included at no(t much) extra cost
The main change in Silhouette 2022 is that three of Boris FX’s other products – effects plugins Sapphire, planar tracking tool Mocha Pro, and particle generator Particle Illusion – are now integrated into it.

The update also integrates some of the effects from Boris FX’s Continuum collection, including image enhancer Magic Sharp, skin touch-up tool Beauty Studio, and six dynamic blur filters.

It isn’t quite for free, since the price of the software has risen – the cost of the new multi-host plugin has gone up from $995 to $1,095 since Silhouette 2021.5, while the cost of the plugin and standalone edition is up from $1,795 to $1,995 – but it is for much less than it costs to buy the products individually.

New integrated tracking capabilities
The integration of Mocha Pro extends Silhouette’s tracking capabilities, with new data ports enabling the Mocha Pro node to pass tracking and spline data to the rest of Silhouette’s node graph.

A new PowerMesh Warp node makes it possible to use the Mocha Pro’s toolset of the same name – used for tracking deforming organic surfaces like faces and clothing – inside Silhouette itself.

The update also adds a new Surface tool for positioning planar track inserts.

Other changes: new InPaint node, native M1 support, OpenColorIO 2
Other new features include InPaint, a new node for semi-automatic marker, blemish and object removal, which works in a similar way to the Nuke node of the same name.

In addition, Silhouette becomes the latest of Boris FX’s tools to get native support for Apple’s M1 processors, improving performance on new Macs, and for colour-management standard OpenColorIO 2.

Updated 9 December 2022: Boris FX has released Silhouette 2022.5.

The update adds support for industry-standard ID matte-generation system Cryptomatte, making it possible to deliver dense roto projects in a single EXR file and select matte elements by layers or shapes.

Other changes include a new Color Estimation node, intended to reduce colour fringing around objects, and further updates to the new InPaint system.

Price and system requirements
Silhouette 2022.5 is available as a standalone tool for Windows 10+, Linux and macOS 10.14+, and as a plugin for Adobe software like After Effects and OFX-compatible tools like Nuke.

New perpetual licences of the standalone edition and the plugin cost $1,995; the plugin alone costs $1,095.

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