Wednesday, March 16th, 2022 Posted by Jim Thacker

Insydium unveils Taiao

Insydium has previewed Taiao, an interesting new tool for generating procedural plants inside Cinema 4D.

The software, which will be available through Insydium’s Fused product bundles, enables users to generate and animate 3D trees, grasses and other plants, for VFX, visualisation or motion graphics work.

Generate animatable procedural 3D trees, grass and other plants for VFX or motion graphics work
Taiao lets artists build 3D plants in layers, with separate layers for trunks, branches, leaves, flowers and fruit.

Users control the shape and distribution of each part via a mix of numeric inputs, slider and curve controls.

The software generates seamless bark textures across the joins between trunks and branches; leaves can be generated as instances or full geometry; and there are detailed controls for flower parts like stamens.

Taiao also comes with toTree, a dedicated tool for filling any 3D volume with non-intersecting branches and leaves, which creates a range of interesting motion-graphics-type effects.

Particles generated by X-Particles, Insydium’s popular Cinema 4D particle and physics system, can even be used as volume points: a workflow shown in the video above.

Another dedicated tool, toGrass, generates 3D grass across any surface in a scene, with the option to use shaders, object avoidance, or surface properties like height or slope to control its distribution.

Pricing and system requirements
Insydium hasn’t announced system requirements or a release date for Taiao yet. It will be available exclusively through the firm’s Fused product bundle, which costs £680 for a perpetual lience, or £348/year.

Read more about Taiao in the Coming Soon in Fused section of Insydium’s website