Sunday, January 26th, 2020 Posted by Jim Thacker

Aaron Dabelow open-sources his 3ds Max add-ons

Tools developer – and technical director at MAKE – Aaron Dabelow has made his 3ds Max add-ons, including Debris Maker 2 and Lazy UVW Editor, available open-source.

The scripts were already free to download, but the source code is available on GitHub.

Debris Maker 2: generate procedural walls and ground debris in 3ds Max
First released in 2014, Debris Maker 2 generates procedural geometry – primarily building materials and ground debris objects – inside 3ds Max.

In particular, the plugin can be used to generate brick walls with a range of geometry counts and brick structures, as shown in the video above.

Debris objects generated by the plugin include various types of rocks, logs and twigs, leaves, grass, metal shrapnel, and even snowflakes.

Lazy UVW Editor: texture models seamlessly without unwrapping the UVs first
Also released in 2014, Lazy UVW Editor makes it possible to generate seamless procedural textures for a model inside 3ds Max without having to unwrap the UVs first.

The script uses multiple UVW channels to avoid the texture stretching and visible seams generated by basic UVW mapping, and the resulting map may be baked down to one channel if necessary.

Other Aaron Dabelow tools to get an open-source release include After Effects Transforms Exporter, Mirror Rig, which mirrors portions of a 3ds Max character rig, and Dabelow Toolbox, a collection of smaller utilities.

Availability and system requirements
Aaron Dabelow’s 3ds Max scripts are available under a MIT licence.

The add-ons were developed for older versions of 3ds Max, so they aren’t guaranteed to work with newer releases: according to Dabelow’s website, Debris Maker 2 has only been tested in 3ds Max 2013 and 2014.

Download the source code for Aaron Dabelow’s 3ds Max add-ons from GitHub

Download compiled versions of the tools from Aaron Dabelow’s website