Sunday, September 22nd, 2019 Posted by Jim Thacker

Download two lightweight free Maya cartoon character rigs

Animation created with Squiggly Rigs’ free Grey Matter Gary rig by Sonia Wolfson.

Originally posted on 5 May 2019. Scroll down for updates.

Squiggly Rigs, a new online library of readymade Maya character rigs, has released Grey Matter Gary, a free lightweight cartoon character rig for educational and demo reel use.

The rig – a slightly inept-looking villain-type character – is capable of a range of expressive deformations, as shown in the demo above, created by Snowball Studios character animator Sonia Wolfson.

Squiggly Rigs also has a range of inexpensive commercial character rigs: again cartoon-style Maya rigs.

Updated 22 September 2019: Squiggly Rigs has released a new free Maya rig: Thep, an Egyptian mummy.

Again, it’s a cartoon rig with bendy arms and legs and support for squash and stretch in the head. The rig comes with extra sets of limbs with alternate visibility and taper settings.

It also includes a facial rig – or toon-style eyes and a mouth, at least – which can be switched between two personality modes: ‘normal’ and ‘evil’.

Licensing and system requirements
The Grey Matter Gary and Thep rigs are compatible with Maya 2017+. You will need to register your email address on the Squiggly Rigs website in order to download the files.

Download the free Grey Matter Gary cartoon character rig for Maya from Squiggly Rigs’ website
(Registation required)

Download the free Thep cartoon character rig from Squiggly Rigs’ website
(Registration required)