Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 Posted by Jim Thacker

Download Ahmed Shalaby’s free JasmineRose Maya rig

Character TD Ahmed Shalaby has released JasmineRose, a free Maya character rig for a cartoon-style female character, including both full-body and facial animation controls.

A versatile rig for cartoon-style work, complete with detailed facial controls
As with Shalaby’s previous free rigs, JasmineRose is geared towards stylised work, and includes curvy limbs with elbow and knee pinning – although it doesn’t create quite such crazy deformations as some other rigs.

It features Spine IK, FK and Reverse FK systems; IK/FK switching; and mirroring and flipping.

As well as the body rig – which comes with its own custom picker – it includes a flexible set of facial controls, shown in action both in the demo video above and in this more detailed video tutorial.

The character is a collaborative project, with the model created by Mohammed El-Demerdash, and the demo animations by Ahmed Hassanein.

The JasmineRose rig is available free for Maya 2016 Extension 2 and above via the download link below.

Download the JasmineRose rig for Maya