Tuesday, August 6th, 2019 Posted by Jim Thacker

Eye candy: Blender’s Siggraph 2019 demo reel

The Blender Foundation has released its new Siggraph Blender reel, showcasing projects created using Blender 2.80, the major recent update to the software, which shipped during Siggraph 2019.

Unlike a conventional software demo reel, it isn’t a compilation of commercial projects created using Blender: it’s more a one-minute teaser for version 2.80 itself.

However, that does mean clips from three pretty impressive ‘open shorts’, created to test new features in Blender 2.80 in production conditions during the release’s four-year gestation period.

Both Webby Award-winning spy thriller Agent 327: Operation Barbershop and the most recent open movie, the poetic fantasy Spring, tested the new core architecture and file referencing systems.

Hero, a 2D short, was created to test Blender 2.80’s Grease Pencil toolset, now a fully fledged animation system in its own right.

In addition, the reel features some very nice creature work courtesy of Goodbye Kansas Studios senior character artist Daniel Bystedt, and used as a demo of Blender 2.80’s new Eevee real-time render engine.

Read more about Blender 2.80 on the Blender website

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