Friday, June 28th, 2019 Posted by Jim Thacker

Tighe Rzankowski releases Feather Tools For Houdini

The Mill FX artist and former SideFX intern Tighe Rzankowski has released Feather Tools For Houdini.

The tookit provides a set of production-proven tools for working with feathers in Houdini, including feather generators, grooming and property painting tools, and deformers.

An appealing set of feather tools, used in commercial production
Used to create the CG stars of Alt.VFX’s ‘For the bold’ spot for Toyota Australia, Feather Tools provides a set of feather generation, grooming and animation tools for Houdini.

There isn’t much written information available online, but the video above shows its basic capabilities, including support for variation and multiple resolutions for feather geometry, and proxy workflows.

The tools come with an hour of video tutorials, plus demo scenes in Houdini Indie‘s file format. Demo files for other editions of the software are available “at an additional cost”.

You can also watch Rzankowski’s presentation from Siggraph 2017, which shows his original work from the SideFX internship program, and discusses the underlying technology.

System requirements and availability
Feather Tools For Houdini costs $95. Its output is compatible with third-party renderers.

Read more about Feather Tools For Houdini on Tighe Rzankowski’s Gumroad store