Saturday, April 13th, 2019 Posted by Jim Thacker

Discover how CoSA VFX created Lucifer’s wings

Visitors to Gnomon’s Hollywood campus next Thursday, 18 April 2019 will have a unique chance to discover how CoSA VFX created the effects for Season 3 of TV comedy-drama Lucifer.

During The Devil’s in the Details: The Visual Effects of Lucifer, four current and former staff from the studio – and current Gnomon instructors – will reveal how they created the title character’s CG wings.

The event is free to the public, and will be streamed live worldwide on Twitch. You can watch it via the player embedded above.

Discover how Lucifer’s wings were textured, rigged and animated
Lucifer may recast the devil as a Los Angeles nightclub owner and LAPD consultant, but he remains a fallen angel, complete with the wings.

At The Devil’s in the Details, staff from CoSA VFX will reveal how those wings, and the thousands of bloodied feathers attached, were rigged, animated and textured for the final episode of Season 3.

The event is chaired by Beau Janzen, CG supervisor and education lead for VFX at Gnomon.

He will be joined on stage by CoSA VFX’s head of CG, Laura Barbera; former CoSA VFX CG supervisor David Stripinis, now at Pixomondo; and former CoSA VFX CG generalist Yinglei Yang, now at Technicolor.

During the session, they will discuss their roles on the project, which included work in Maya, ZBrush, Substance Painter, Redshift, Houdini and Nuke, delivering the shots within a tight broadcast schedule.

Free to attend, but register online in advance
The Devil’s in the Details: The Visual Effects of Lucifer takes place at Gnomon’s Hollywood campus from 7.30-10:00pm PDT on Thursday 18 April 2019. Entry is free, but you’ll need to register online first.

If you can’t make it to LA in person, the event will also be broadcast free on Gnomon’s Twitch channel. You can put questions to the panellists via Twitch chat.

Read more about The Devil’s in the Details on Gnomon’s website

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