Sunday, January 7th, 2018 Posted by Jim Thacker

Richard Rosenman releases Image Light Leaks Vol. 3

Tools developer Richard Rosenman has released Image Light Leaks Vol. 3, a commercial collection of texture overlays designed to mimic the effect of real-world light bleeding in composited imagery.

The set is available from Rosenman’s website, along with the previous two collections in the series, and a set of 20 free downloadable light leak images.

Over 150 high-res texture overlays to add realism to 3D renders
Image Light Leaks Vol. 3 comprises 162 hi-res images designed to mimic edge burn effects in photographs.

As well as helping to give 3D renders the look of real-world photography, the overlays can be used to create more stylised effects in photographic composites: for example, to create lomography effects.

The images are all 4,080 x 2,720px JPEGs, come with accurate film grain, and in a range of colour palettes.

Pricing and availability
Image Light Leaks Vol. 3 costs $29.99, as do the previous two collections in the series, which comprise 200 images replicating general optical artefacts, and 150 images for creating colour overlays.

You can also download 20 sample 4,080 x 2,720px light leak images for free from Rosenman’s website.

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Download 20 free light leak overlays from Richard Rosenman’s website