Thursday, December 1st, 2016 Posted by Jim Thacker

Sketchfab’s models of the month: November 2016


Sketchfab provides a simple way for anyone to publish and share their 3D models online. To celebrate the best in real-time 3D art, we asked the Sketchfab team to pick the 10 greatest models on the site this month.

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Grommash Hellscream by goblin165cm
9.9k faces, animated

World of Warcraft fan art, based on Blizzard’s Warlords of Draenor promo imagery.

Fishing Trip by Joel Zakrisson
193.8k faces

Wizardess by Giovanny Arce
4.6k faces

Based on a concept image by John Polidora.

Sejuani Dawnchaser by Yekaterina Bourykina
11.7k faces

A skin for Riot Games’ League of Legends. See wireframes in Yekaterina’s ArtStation gallery.

Tiki Treasure! by Glen Fox
43.4k faces

Free to download.

Workshop module by Vitaliy Kovalchuk
24.6k faces

Spyro the dragon by zcythe
.3k faces, animated

Spyro the Dragon fan art.

Hornbill by Coolblu
261.9k faces

Hominid by Valery ‘ResThoughtless’ Nilova
9.8k faces, animated

A creature from indie VR title Cradle of Links.

Chevrolet 3100 monster pickup by Olli Teittinen
44.8k faces

A car model from Gameloft’s racing title Asphalt Xtreme.

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