Wednesday, September 21st, 2016 Posted by Jim Thacker

FXhome releases PhotoKey 8 Pro


FXhome has released PhotoKey 8 Pro, the latest version of its greenscreen keying plugin for Photoshop, adding a new option for keying FX elements from black or white backgrounds.

The update also adds a range of new filters, including an automatic skin tone adjustment, and adds support for Photoshop Actions and up to 16 layers in Photoshop documents.

New options for keying FX elements from black or white backgrounds
The PhotoKey plugin automatically removes the background of photos shot against greenscreen, removing colour spill from the screen onto foreground objects.

To that, FXhome has now added support for luminance keying, making it possible to isolate objects shot on black or white backgrounds, particularly FX elements like fire or smoke.

Luminance keying is supported by colour matting, which removes dark or bright edges from cutouts.

New effects and filters, better Photoshop support
There are also four new effects and filters: Color Vibrance, Vignette Exposure, an automatic white balance system for skin tones, and a Spotify-style Duo Tone effect, which brings out midtones and highlights.

PhotoKey also now supports Actions, for automating batch conversions; and Photoshop’s layer blending modes. The number of layers supported has been doubled, from 8 to 16.

The software also now comes with a library of free background images: 250 in the case of the standard edition, or 750 if you pay $100 extra for the Studio edition.

Pricing and availability
PhotoKey 8 Pro is available for 64-bit Photoshop CC 2015, on Windows 7+ or Mac OS X 10.10+. It costs $299.

Read a full list of new features in PhotoKey 8 Pro