Sunday, August 9th, 2015 Posted by Jim Thacker

FXhome releases PhotoKey 7 Pro

FXhome has released PhotoKey 7 Pro, the latest version of its greenscreen keying plugin for Photoshop, adding a new light spill removal system and support for a live preview on a second monitor, and overhauling the UI.

The plugin automatically removes the background of photos shot against greenscreen, removing colour spill from the screen onto foreground objects.

New light spill simulation system, more intelligent keying
Taken directly from FXhome’s news release, new features in PhotoKey 7 Pro include:

  • Spill simulation pro
    PhotoKey 7 Pro automatically replaces unwanted light spill from your green screen with the ambient lighting from your background. This is a revolutionary new feature, with semi-transparent materials such as lace, or highly reflective clothing such as wedding dresses.
  • Client preview window
    The new preview mode displays your work on a second monitor, with PhotoKey’s interface hidden. Ideal for attracting customers at live events and providing clients with a glimpse of the finished image.
  • Intelligent keying
    PhotoKey has always had the highest quality green screen keying. PhotoKey 7 Pro is smarter, identifying your background color with more accuracy and a built-in awareness of common photographic setups.
  • Retina compatibility
    PhotoKey 7 Pro fully embraces Retina displays, delivering a beautiful, high resolution interface on Mac.
  • Raw import
    You can now import your RAW images directly into PhotoKey 7 Pro, without needing to convert beforehand.
  • Export to FTP
    You can now export and upload images via FTP from inside PhotoKey, introducing new options for automating your entire workflow.
  • Hot folder enhancements
    PhotoKey automatically displays the most recent image in your hot folder, so that you can get an instant preview of your green screen composite while you shoot without needing to go back to your computer. Works perfectly when combined with the new client preview feature.

Pricing and availability
PhotoKey 7 Pro is available for 64-bit Photoshop CC, CC 2014 and CC 2015, running on Windows 7+ or Mac OS X 10.8+. It costs $299.

Read more about PhotoKey 7 Pro on FXhome’s website