Friday, November 27th, 2015 Posted by Jim Thacker

Krita Foundation releases Krita Animation Edition Beta

The Krita Foundation has released Krita 2.9 Animation Edition Beta, a build of the open-source painting tool showcasing support for animation and painting on very large canvases.

Both were key targets of the Foundation’s successful Kickstarter funding campaign earlier this year.

Work-in-progress 2D animation tools and support for very large canvases
In the case of animation, the Krita UI now includes dockers for the animation tools, the timeline and onion skins. You can see them in action to create a (very) simple animation in the video above.

Painting on large canvases can be enabled via View > Instant Preview Mode. For both features, you’ll need a system that supports OpenGL 3.0.

Krita 2.9 Animation Edition is avaiable as a beta build for Windows and Linux. The final versions of the animation tools and the Instant Preview Mode will appear in the upcoming Krita 3.0.

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