Friday, May 29th, 2015 Posted by Jim Thacker

Download this model from the Semi-Permanent titles

Emmy Award-winning designer Raoul Marks has posted a making-of video for his title sequence for the 2015 Semi-Permanent design conferences – and made the model of its lead actor available to download.

The elegantly understated titles (above) shows an astronaut floating through a virtual backdrop containing information about the shows’ speakers, including legendary Radiohead cover artist Stanley Donwood.

Marks describes them as “an allegory for the … growth of an individual. From birth, to individuation, to criticality and finally to finding one’s own creative space. Or just some fun times floating through the void.”

The making-of itself provides a glimpse of how the animation was constructed in Cinema 4D.

Charmingly, Marks notes: “This video has been rather hastily put together, and as by way of apology I’d like to share the full high-resolution model of the astronaut from these titles.”

The textured model is provided in both C4D and FBX format: the former in versions optimised for both OctaneRender and Cinema 4D’s native render engine. You can get it via the Dropbox link below.

The assets are licensed for commercial use.

Updated 2 June: The original Dropbox link included in the story is down. However, Marks has reposted the files on Mediafire. You can download them via the new link below.

Download the astronaut model from Mediafire