Wednesday, October 12th, 2011 Posted by Jim Thacker

Eye candy: Dvein’s incredible titles for Eva

Barcelona’s Dvein has produced an incredible title sequence for Spanish director Kike Maíllo’s science-fiction thriller Eva, due for release later this month.

While the plot itself hinges on a young scientist returning to the town in which he grew up in order to complete building a robot, the titles introduce the themes of the movie more obliquely – and all the more elegantly.

According to Dvein: “A project that began as a job turned nearly into a personal project due to the creative freedom and the confidence that the director gave us.

“We were very inspired by the whole aesthetical universe of the film: the snow, the vintage laboratories, the old machinery… and we tried to put all this together in the titles so that they would slowly introduce the viewers to the world of ‘Eva’.”

This is also one of those rare projects for which it’s worth reading the press release: partly because it provides some making-of information – but mainly because it’s so beautifully designed. You can find the link below.

Visit Dvein online

Visit the movie’s website

Read the press release (PDF format, lots of imagery)