Tuesday, May 26th, 2015 Posted by Jim Thacker

Computerinsel releases PhotoLine 19

PhotoLine in action, in a German-language tutorial from the developer’s YouTube channel. The recently released PhotoLine 19 adds nearly 40 new and updated tools to the inexpensive 2D image-editing package.

Computerinsel has released PhotoLine 19, the latest update to its sub-$100 image-editing tool, claimed by many fans to represent a serious alternative to Phososhop for professional graphics work.

The software includes a standard set of raster and vector editing tools, and supports a fully 16-bits-per-channel workflow. It also includes DTP and page layout capabilities.

External file referencing, new Wipe and background removal effects
One key new addition in PhotoLine 19 is support for ‘placeholder layers’, which display the contents of an external file, enabling users to reference other assets.

In the raster image-editing toolset, there is a new Dehaze filter – rather neatly, created as an adjustment layer, so you can edit the result – and a Wipe effect, which non-destructively blurs the image in a given direction.

There is also a new Color to Transparency option: useful for sky removal, or simple greenscreen work.

New vector and print graphics tools
In the vector toolset, the vector drawing tool is now pressure-sensitive and supports variable stroke widths, while gradient fills can be adjusted interactively after they have been created.

Artists working with print graphics also get a range of important new tools, including the option to set up a proper document colour list, and support for spot colours and overprinting.

There are also a lot of smaller features, including an updated Copy Brush and the option to use formulae to control guides: the update page lists just under 40 in total.

And for anyone who previously felt that the software sounded capable, but were put off by Computerinsel’s website, the product homepage now has a far cleaner, more professional-looking design.

Pricing and availability
PhotoLine 19 is available now for Windows and Mac OS X, price €59 (around $65).

Read a full list of new features in PhotoLine 19