Wednesday, December 24th, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

Buy the Sandy granular fluids solver for RealFlow

A 1.3-million-particle multi-material simulation test, created using developer Yannik F’s Sandy solver for RealFlow. The 78 frames took just over 22 hours to simulate. Sandy has just been released commercially.

Developer Yannik F – he doesn’t list his full name, even on his LinkedIn profile – has released Sandy, his promising granular fluids solver for RealFlow.

The tool first came to our attention earlier this year thanks to the regular demo videos Yannik has been releasing through Vimeo, which show everything from sand to snow and sugar.

The demos show beautifully subtle effects, with blocks of sand sand clumping and shearing as they fall apart.

Pricing and availability
Now Yannik has announced that Sandy is commercially available – which he also did through a Vimeo video.

The sales process is kind of convoluted, and involves going to file-sharing site WikiFortio to enter the file ID shown in the video. Doing so gives you a RealFlow daemon that generates a licence code.

Mailing the licence code to the developer then gets you the software.

Sandy runs on RealFlow 2013 and 2014. A single node-locked licence costs €300 (around $365) and includes GUI and command-line versions.

See Sandy in action on Yannik F’s Vimeo channel

View the download instructions for Sandy

Note: according to WikiFortio, the file will be available until March 2015, so if you’re coming to this story through Google, you may need to check the Vimeo channel for current download instructions.