Friday, November 14th, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

CL3VER launches free iOS viewing app


Cloud-based interactive 3D platform CL3VER has just launched a new free iOS app that enables users to view the interactive 3D presentations it creates natively on iPhones and iPads.

CL3VER enables users to create interactive content that can be viewed in a standard web browser, uploading 3D files in a range of common formats, then setting up interactions through a simple PowerPoint-like workflow.

New iOS app allows content to be viewed offline
When a user tries to view a CL3VER presentation on an iOS device, their browser now redirects them automatically to the Apple App Store to download the CL3VER App.

Once installed, any content created with CL3VER can be viewed directly on the iOS device. The presentation is stored locally, enabling the user to view it even without an internet connection.

Read more about the new iOS app on the CL3VER website

Download the app from the App Store (Requires iOS 7.0+)