Wednesday, October 29th, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

Try WingBin: a free browser based RAM preview system

Developers John ‘JokerMartini’ Martini and Shawn Olson have launched WingBin, a free JavaScript-based RAM preview system for playing back and annotating image sequences in a standard web browser.

Focused tools for playing and annotating shots
WingBin provides a set of basic playback options for image sequences, including mouse and keyboard controls, and the option to set frame rate or loop playback.

It also comes with the option to attach text-based notes to frames, or draw directly onto the image with a range of brush size, colour and opacity settings.

When a colleague plays back the annotated sequence, WingBin can be set to stop automatically at notes.

A simple, free online shot-review and collaboration system
That’s pretty much it for features, and Olson notes that at high FPS, playback can become inaccurate – but it’s a simple, free way to review shots, and one that should work on pretty much any device.

Launch WingBin in a new browser tab