Wednesday, August 20th, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

Download 14 free hi-res environment models

3D artist Ivan Arsic has released 14 free high-res models of common environment objects, like trees, rocks and concrete – plus a seashell – for download in OBJ format. All the models are licensed for commercial use.

Arsic says that the files were created from between 40 and 120 reference images apiece, using Agisoft’s photogrammetry tool PhotoScan. Each model has 500,000 to a million polys, and 4K textures.

The seashell model comes with a displacement map created from the hi-res geometry in xNormal to show how the files could be used in a lower-poly scene.

Download the free models from Ivan Arsic’s blog

Updated 27 August: Ivan Arsic has just posted a new video showing his PhotoScan workflow. Watch it above.