Monday, March 17th, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

Download 57 different bed models in 3DS format


Italian bed manufacturer Flou provides 3D models of its products in 3DS format. You can download them by clicking ‘Download drawings 2D/3D’ (ringed) from each bed’s listing page on the company website.

Most of the free models we features on the site are created by artists or visualisation studios. Today’s set is a bit different: it was created by Italian furniture manufacturer Flou.

The company’s website lists 57 models of bed it produces. Select one, and click ‘Download drawings 2D/3D’ from the right of the screen, and you can download the model in 3DS format – at least, on all the beds we tried.

The downloads don’t include EULAs, so be careful about how you use the files, but they’re an interesting source of reference. The site also includes photo galleries showing the real-life beds under various lighting conditions.

Download the models from Flou’s website
(Click on any of the individual models, then ‘Download drawings 2D/3D’ from the right of the screen.)

Hat tip to CG Record for spotting this one.