Wednesday, July 30th, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

WuKong brings Flame-style workflow to Nuke

A trio of Chinese developers has released WuKong: a free set of Python scripts that attempt to recreate workflows from Flame’s Action 3D compositing environment inside Nuke.

The tool, which is officially still in beta, also updates the UI to make it more familiar for Flame users: one user comment calls it a complete “Nuke – Flame skin”.

Best to learn about it by trying it
The documentation is pretty brief, and if you’re an English speaker, you won’t get a lot out of the video tutorial, but the brief demo above gives a flavour of what WuKong is capable of.

The most obvious thing is the power to connect nodes automatically by dragging one over another, rather than having to click more precisely on inputs and outputs, but there’s a lot more besides.

Availability and system requirements
WuKong works with Nuke 8.0. You’ll need a dual-screen set-up at full HD resolution. According to comments on the download page, there may be problems installing on Linux, although it seems to be fine on Windows.

Download Wukong from Nukepedia