Monday, June 9th, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

Autodesk buys the Bitsquid game engine

The trailer for the Kingmaker edition of War of the Roses: probably the best known title created with Bitsquid. Autodesk has just acquired the game engine to create new real-time 3D visualisation tools.

Autodesk has bought Bitsquid AB, developer of the multi-platform Bitsquid game engine, for an undisclosed sum. Autodesk plans to use the Bitsquid technology to create new real-time 3D visualisation tools.

So what is Bitsquid?
If you’re unfamiliar with Bitsquid, it’s probably because the engine has largely been used on titles from a single developer, Fatshark: Bitsquid AB’s parent company.

Of those, the best known is probably the 2012 Windows-based action title War of the Roses, which was praised by The Guardian for its “astonishing” visuals.

According to the developer’s home page, the engine is also in use in three upcoming titles, including Arrowhead Game Studios’ PlayStation 3 and 4 shooter Helldivers.

And what does Autodesk plan to do with it?
By the standards of corporate statements, Autodesk has been fairly specific about what it plans to do with Bitsquid: as well as “supercharg[ing] its portfolio of tools for game makers”, the engine will enable Autodesk to “create new tools that push the limits of real-time 3D visualization for architects and designers”.

Autodesk says that the new technology will also be incorporated into solutions for other industries, including film.

“Autodesk’s acquisition of Bitsquid will revolutionize real-time exploration of complex data,” said Autodesk Media & Entertainment SVP Chris Bradshaw. “Imagine being able to walk through and explore any type of design, from buildings to cars, with the same freedom you experience in the open world of a next-generation console game.

“Game engine technologies will be an increasingly critical part of the workflow, not only for creating games, but also for designing buildings or solving complex urban infrastructure challenges.”

Read Autodesk’s full announcement about its acquisition of Bitsquid