Monday, March 2nd, 2015 Posted by Jim Thacker

Autodesk unveils Stingray game engine

Autodesk is to preview Stingray, a new game engine based on the core technology behind the Bitsquid engine it acquired last year, at the GDC 2015 conference this week.

According to Autodesk’s press release, key advances in Stingray include:

  • Simultaneous Platform Deployment
    A live link between Stingray and multiple target devices allows game designers to evaluate their games simultaneously on multiple platforms.
  • Integrated Workflow
    A more efficient pipeline to export 3D content.
  • Modern Data-Driven Architecture and Powerful Rendering Capabilities
    A data-driven core architecture makes it easier for a user to change the look of a game without having to rewrite and re-compile the engine.

Beyond that, the teaser video (top of story) is pretty enigmatic, and the Stingray product site doesn’t yet include a feature list, or any information about pricing or release dates.

The news release does mention that developer Fatshark is using the engine on its upcoming PC/PS4/Xbox One title Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide, but since it’s Bitsquid’s old parent company, that’s no real surprise.

If you’re at GDC itself, you can see a more detailed tech preview of the engine on Wednesday 4 March; or if you’re a studio, you can apply for beta access via the link below.

Visit Autodesk’s Stingray teaser site
(Includes link to apply for beta access)