Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

Eye candy: RealtimeUK’s War Thunder ‘Heroes’ teaser

Most of the time, the great trailers come from the games you’d expect. If a title has the budget of Halo 4, you figure the developers can spare a few pennies for a decent cinematic.

Sometimes, however, a great trailer comes completely out of left field. We have to admit that War Thunder, Gaijin Entertainment’s aerial combat MMO, wasn’t even on our radar – until its latest teaser hit Vimeo.

They could be Heroes
Produced by cinematics veterans RealtimeUK, the ‘Heroes’ trailer pulls the same trick as Gears of War 3, setting intense combat scenes to an unexpected soundtrack.

But unlike GoW 3, it also makes great use of bullet time – which only ups the intensity of the action when time returns to normal in the latter part of the trailer. Nice stuff.

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