Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

Eye candy: the Thief 4 official debut trailer

If, like me, the ten-year hiatus in the Thief franchise has left a hole in your life that no amount of first-person shooters can fill, you will know that Eidos Montreal has been working on Thief 4 for what seems like forever.

Until yesterday, there wasn’t much to show from those three years of work. Today, however, we have a debut trailer for the game – now known simply as ‘Thief’, apparently – and very nice it is, too.

It doesn’t have quite the epic sweep of some recent teasers, but it does have the Thief essentials: fog, the glint of moonlight on lockpick, and suitably gravelly narration from whoever is voicing Garrett these days.

If I was being nitpicky, I’d say that the characters’ faces look a wee bit plastic when they finally emerge from the shadows. But I’m not: I just want to play the damn thing.

Props to Goldtooth Creative Vancouver, which put the teaser together. Thief 4 is out next year, on Windows, PlayStation 4, and unspecified other next-gen consoles.