Wednesday, June 6th, 2012 Posted by CG Channel Administration

Eye candy: the Wreck-It Ralph debut trailer

While attending D23 last year, some of the biggest surprises were the previews I saw for Walt Disney Animation Studios’ upcoming Wreck-It Ralph. It took the concept of Toy Story and transferred it to videogames – and being an avid gamer, I was really looking forward to seeing the completed footage. We now have our first trailer for the 8-bit adventure, and I’m more excited than ever: where else are you going to see Super Mario’s Bowser, Street Fighter’s Bison and the Pac-Man ghost all in the same room? Featuring the voices of John C. Reily, Sarah Silverman, and Jane Lynch, Wreck-It Ralph hits theaters in North America on 2 November, 2012.

Watch the Wreck-It Ralph trailer