Wednesday, March 27th, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

IKinema rolls out WebAnimate 2

Originally posted on 16 November 2012: scroll down for updates.

IKinema has released a preview video showing WebAnimate 2, the next update to its free browser-based tool for editing and retargeting mocap data.

According to IKinema, WebAnimate 2 has been completely rewritten in OpenGL with a new JavaScript-based GUI, and features “many upgrades for easy retargeting and FK/IK animation on top”.

The system is capable of importing FBX scenes, and exporting data in FBX or BVH format.

The Windows version of WebAnimate 2 is expected to roll out later this month, with new Mac and Linux versions following shortly after. It will remain free to use.

Updated 26 March 2013: WebAnimate is now officially out of beta. IKinema says that it will continue to offer a free version of the service, but will “implement a budget-friendly pricing model with advanced features”.

Check out the new demo video above or read the press release here.

Visit the WebAnimate website