Friday, October 18th, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

Video: use mocap data to drive 2D animation

Mocap tools developer IKinema has posted an interesting new video showing an unusual use of its WebAnimate platform: using mocap data to drive 2D cartoon animation.

The browser-based tool provides artists with a way to edit and retarget mocap data. Normally, retargeting would be done to a 3D character – but as the video above proves, it works equally well with a 2D one.

Just break up your character sketch into body parts, draw an appropriate skeleton over the top, let WebAnimate retarget the mocap data, and Bob’s your uncle: near-instant, nuanced 2D animation. Neat stuff.

WebAnimate is currently free, but IKinema plans to introduce a paid option to work offline.

Visit the WebAnimate site

Visit IKinema’s homepage