Friday, January 18th, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

Eye candy: Exodus

Magnus Östergren’s Exodus isn’t your usual 3D short. For a start, it’s created in After Effects.

The three-minute animation, which Östergren describes as a “low-poly semi-epic childhood tribute space saga” was created using Trapcode Mir, Red Giant Software’s plugin for generating quick-rendering polygon meshes.

The short, which was commissioned by Trapcode’s Peder Norrby, also makes use of other Red Giant tools, including Magic Bullet Looks for colour correction and film grain.

As you might expect of an animation created using such unconventional tools, Exodus doesn’t exactly have a conventional narrative either.

As Östergren puts it: “I like the concept of ‘art by accident’ … The film is set in space in an alternate universe. Logic and photorealism are low priority but cool scenery and glows rule supreme.”

Visit Potemkin’s website (Östergren’s studio)