Friday, July 6th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

Eye candy: the Architectural 3D Awards 2012 nominees

Jonathan Gales’ Megalomania: one of the winners of this year’s Architectural 3D Awards.

CGarchitect has just announced the nominees for the ninth annual Architectural 3D Awards, to be held next month at the Mundos Digitales festival in Spain.

As with last year, the shortlist reflects an increasingly international industry, with artists from Argentina, Poland and Egypt all featuring alongside studios such as Squint/Opera, Uniform, Luxigon and Transparent House.

Plenty for non-architects to enjoy
Even if ‘architectural’ imagery isn’t your thing, it’s worth checking out the Film/Animation (Non-Commissioned) category, which stretches the definition to its limits.

We’ve already featured Oliver Zeller’s 2001: A Space Odyssey homage Immersive Coccoon ‘2011’. However, our attention was also caught by Megalomania: a four-minute short created by Jonathan Gales – last year’s winner in the Architectural Image category.

The film, set in a dystopian city in a state of “total construction”, was created for Gales’ Masters degree at the Bartlett School of Architecture, and produced in 3ds Max, V-Ray, RayFire, PFTrack and After Effects.

Brits will have fun spotting familiar London landmarks reduced to skeletons; everyone else can just enjoy some superbly atmospheric animation.

The winners of the Architectural 3D Awards 2012 will be announced on 4 July.

Updated 6 July: the results can now be seen on the CGarchitect website. Congratulations to Jonathan Gales, Squint/Opera, and the other winnners.

See the full shortlist on the Architectural 3D Awards website