Sunday, November 4th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

OLM Digital updates its open-source plugins

OLM Digital’s open-source tools. From left: Noise Deformer, OLM Smoother, Color Keep.

Tokyo-based animation studio OLM Digital has updated its open-source tools: Maya plugin Noise Deformer, cross-platform antialiasing plugin OLM Smoother and After Effects plugin Color Keep.

Noise Deformer does what you’d expect: it’s a Maya equivalent for 3ds Max’s Noise Deformer. Users “can deform with noise functions [or] textures [and] paint weights on polygon, subdivision and NURBS surfaces”.

Noise Deformer now works with Maya 8.5 to 2013, although there are some Japanese-to-English issues noted in this thread on CGTalk that you may need to be aware of.

Tools for 2D software
Morphological antialiasing plugin OLM Smoother gets a new Nuke version, and support for Photoshop and After Effects CS6. It is already compatible with Photoshop CS2+ and AE 7.0+, on both Windows and Mac OS X.

The tool was developed for 2D animation work, but also can be used to enlarge texture maps.

Color Keep has also been updated to work with any version of After Effects from 7.0 to CS6. Another 2D animation tool, it removes areas of unwanted colours from an image, leaving only those in the colour key.

Read (a little) more about the plugins on the OLM Digital website
(Japanese language: also includes information about non open-source tools)

Download the plugins (registration required)