Thursday, November 15th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

Gnomon releases guide to linear workflow in V-Ray

The Gnomon Workshop has just released a new five-hour V-Ray training course from Psyop CG Lead Stephen DeLalla exploring the crucial topic of linear workflow.

V-Ray Fundamentals: Materials, Lights and Linear Workflow explores best practices for working with the industry-standard renderer, beginning with rendering basics and ending with production workflows.

From basic concepts to real-world techniques
After an introduction to linear workflow, DeLalla breaks down V-Ray’s render settings, including Adaptive DMC; then moves onto lights and materials, including the Blend material, subsurface scattering and displacement.

DeLalla discusses V-Ray RT, V-Ray’s GPU-based interactive preview, before moving to global illumination and the various ways to achieve high-quality GI renders quickly by baking maps.

Lastly, he discusses the integration of V-Ray into a production pipeline, including how to work with render elements, layers and SOPs, including the VRrayLightSelect render element.

A Gnomon student turned tutor
A former Gnomon graduate, Stephen DeLalla started his career as a generalist at yu+Co, where he quickly became the Lead Lighting Artist. He is currently a CG Lead and Senior Lighter at Psyop, where his work can be seen in many commercials, notably the Planters ‘The Team‘ and Coca-Cola ‘Happiness Factory‘.

V-Ray Fundamentals: Materials, Lights and Linear Workflow is available now from The Gnomon Workshop’s online store as a direct download, price $69. The DVD edition will ship on 22 November.

Buy V-Ray Fundamentals: Materials, Lights and Linear Workflow from Gnomon’s online store

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