Friday, August 3rd, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

Science.D.Visions unveils 3DEqualizer4 Release 2

Correction of lens distortion in 3DEqualizer4. The toolset has been updated in Release 2 of the software.

Science.D.Visions has publicly announced Release 2 of its high-end matchmoving software, 3DEqualizer4.

If you use 3DEqualizer, you’ve probably been testing Release 2 for some time, since the first beta build came out in April, so we suspect the announcement has more to do with the fact that Siggraph 2012 is coming up.

The release is now in ‘stable beta’, and is expected to ship next year.

New features include an updated UI and calculation core, real-time correction of lens distortion, and over 100 new Python commands. Pricing is available on request.

Science.D.Visions today announced Release 2 (R2) of its matchmoving software, 3DEqualizer4. Winning an Academy Award® in 2002 for Technical Achievement, 3DEqualizer site licenses are installed in four of the world’s top ten Visual Effects (VFX) production houses, including Double Negative, Cinesite, Weta Digital, and the Moving Picture Company (MPC). 3DEqualizer helps visual effects and post-production artists measure, merge and ‘matchmove’ live action film sequences and plates with virtual 3D environments and effects to create a seamless look and realistic completed scenes. 3DEqualizer 4 R2 is currently in BETA, and is expected to ship in 2013.

3DEqualizer4 R2 Features and Benefits
3DEqualizer4 R2 is currently undergoing an extensive BETA testing cycle, and includes the following new features:

  • Updated calculation core
    Allows an artist to compute a variable amount of synchronized witness cameras for creating precise motion capture data. The calculation core is fully integrated for stereoscopic calculation and for creating multiple object point groups
  • Real-time un-distort footage
    Lens distortion is visualized in real time, directly in the entire 3DE4 user interface, tremendously improving the artist’s productivity
  • Updated Lineup Controls
    Lining up imported geometry to footage has become dramatically faster through new features such as specialized “lineup only point” dragging, hidden line/ back-face culling rendering, and extracting survey data from vertices/lines/faces.
  • Streamlined User Interface
    New custom focus lens parameters, image controls presets, hide and lock points, automatic key-framing based on tracking deviation, and an ‘equisolid angle’ fisheye lens distortion model.
  • Python commands
    Python is the backbone that makes 3DE4 the successful application it is today. This new release features over 100 new Python commands for accessing more project data assets for building much more interactive custom user interfaces. In addition, there are more than 30 new or updated scripts including: rolling shutter compensation export, interactive push points tool, project merging, convert to stereo, and full export to Adobe’s After Effects—and more.

“The incredibly powerful and accurate way 3DE4 Release 2 handles animated lens distortion, stereo, anamorphic and zoom lenses combined with its ever improving robust calculation core make it Cinesite’s matchmove application of choice,” said Michele Sciolette, Head of VFX Technology, Cinesite, UK. “Artists are able to concentrate on the task at hand without any distractions by virtue of the simple UI in 3DE4, while its Python interface allowed us to customize tools and integrate 3DE into our pipeline, resulting in improved efficiency levels. Support-wise Science.D.Visions have always been there for us, and it is reassuring being able to actually get feedback from the developers themselves when you have a question or request.”

Science.D.Visions has been a pioneer of match moving software for over 15 years, with a customer list including: The Moving Picture Company(UK), Weta Digital(Wellington, NZ), Cinesite (London), Scanline VFX (Munich and LA), Sony Pictures Imageworks(LA), Double Negative (London), The Mill (London), Animal Logic (Sydney), Framestore/CFC (London), New Breed Studios, Rodeo FX, and Hybride (Montréal)—and many other studios that rely on 3DEqualizer to make cinematic magic.

Product, Pricing, and Upgrade Information
3DEqualizer4 R2 is available now in solid Beta on multiple operating platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. 3DEqualizer4 R2, and is expected to ship in 2013.

Read a full list of new features in 3DEqualizer4 Release 2

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