Monday, July 23rd, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

Blender Foundation to launch pro networking site

Here’s one we made earlier: intended as a “partnership program and online directory” for Blender professionals, the new Blender Network site will be run by Bart Veldhuizen, the founder of BlenderNation (shown above).

The Blender Foundation is to launch a new networking website for professional Blender users.

The Blender Network, which will be built and managed by Bart Veldhuizen from BlenderNation, will act as a “partnership program, online directory and social network for Blender professionals”.

“We want to improve visibility for the outside world that Blender’s being used by professionals, and that there [are] services offered around Blender commercially,” wrote Blender Foundation chairman Ton Roosendaal.

According to comments on BlenderNation, membership fees are still being finalised, but are expected to be around €50 ($60) for freelancers and €250 ($300) for corporate members.

Increasing commercial acceptance
The new community forms the latest stage in the Blender Foundation’s drive for acceptance of the popular open-source package within the commercial world.

Last year, the Foundation put together a pretty impressive Siggraph showreel, while its current open movie, Tears of Steel, is intended to validate Blender’s VFX pipeline.

The Blender Network site itself is due to go live by 6 August, in time for this year’s Siggraph.

Read the official announcement on

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