Friday, July 6th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

ArtVPS adds cloud rendering to Shaderlight 2.2

Shaderlight in action. Developer ArtVPS has just added a cloud rendering option to the SketchUp plugin.

July seems to be cloud rendering month. Following our recent stories on cloud services for V-Ray and Maxwell, comes the news that ArtVPS has added a cloud rendering option to Shaderlight, its SketchUp plugin.

The new system has the benefit of being accessible directly within the software, and ArtVPS claims render speed boosts of 5-30x. Prices start at under $10 for a single still image.

A commercial licence of Shaderlight costs $299, and there is also a free feature-limited version of the software. The cloud rendering options have been added to version 2.2 of the plugin: as yet, only version 2.1 is available on the website, but we assume that it will be updated shortly.

Users of Shaderlight – the leading interactive and intuitive rendering plug-in to SketchUp – can from today harness the power of the cloud, simply at the click of a button.

Available now, Shaderlight Cloud Rendering is the first and only SketchUp rendering plug-in to harness the power of cloud computing. It combines high-powered 64-core machines from Limitless Computing and highest quality rendering from Shaderlight to deliver the fastest, most cost effective workflow for SketchUp users.

Eric Schimelpfenig, specialist in 3D solutions for kitchen and bathrooms and founder of, has been testing Shaderlight Cloud Rendering and said: “With this new version of Shaderlight I think we’re seeing the first big step into the future of rendering. As the world moves to low power, lightweight mobile devices, the choices for super powerful laptops seems to be dwindling. Adding a cloud rendering option not only makes rendering fast, and more reliable, it allows it to be done on any machine, regardless of computing power. This new version of Shaderlight takes your machine and straps a rocket pack to it. Renders have never looked so good, so fast.”

With render prices starting from less than $10, Shaderlight Cloud Rendering provides a cost effective way to deliver high quality renders. Rendering scenes up to 5x faster and animations up to 30x faster than is possible on desktop computers, it frees up kit for other projects, enabling users to take on multiple projects.

Shaderlight Cloud Rendering has already scooped a Best in Show award when it was launched in May at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) 2012 National Convention and Design Exposition, Washington DC. It is now available as a free upgrade to existing Shaderlight v2 users and for all new Pro licences purchased, providing seamless integration to the cloud.

Landscape architect and SketchUp author Daniel Tal is also impressed with the new tool. He said: “Shaderlight Cloud Rendering frees up your computer and other resources creating quick, affordable images. It’s simple to set up your model to render, just upload to the cloud and a high-quality image is delivered direct to you. This service is particularly good for those wanting to render large models or models that use artificial lighting since these can take a good amount of time and computer power.

“The system is also ideal for rendering animations – putting them in reach for most companies and SketchUp users. Using the Shaderlight Cloud Rendering service allows designers to generate beautiful rendered animations clearly articulating design themes and ideas.”

How does it work?
Five simple steps:
1. Install the latest Shaderlight plug-in and click on the Cloud icon in the toolbar
2. Specify the scenes to be rendered and resolution required
3. Render can be set at the highest quality setting with a single click
4. User reviews and accepts price quote
5. Email notification is sent to the user when completed

Visit the ShaderLight website

Download the trial version of Shaderlight